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Athena never read a day in her life. She would do anything to escape reading. It wasn't until she went on a reality show called The Bachelor and was stripped of her freedom. She was practically begging for a book. She read 10 books in 21 days. It completely changed her life.


But there was one thing wrong with all of these books....


They appeared to be a clone of every other book, simply re-worded. Although it was helpful, she wanted more.


Athena was already motivated enough. She was ready to learn the "HOW." All she could think was "Where do I start?" Athena had to learn it all on her own.


She struggled along the way but found new ways of doing things that worked for her. She developed the 7 commandments she speaks of in "F*ck it" that helped her completely transform her life. 


In Athena's Book "F*ck It," she shares RAW stories from her personal life to HELP YOU get YOUR LIFE back on track and set you up for success. Athena often has several encounters a week with strangers she meets in passing. Athena seems to always leave them with a new perspective. She is often thanked endlessly for helping them change their life through one brief encounter.


This showed Athena that her words are very powerful and she felt an urgency to offer this advice to a larger audience. Athena did not plan on becoming an author. This book was simply a pit stop in her journey to help others. Athena plans on becoming one of the most sought out actors in the world. She too struggled with realizing her worth and was stuck at a job where she did not belong. She was stuck in a toxic relationship where her worth was never valued. She lost her loved ones to death. She was betrayed by those closest to her. She no longer wanted to continue her life....UNTIL ONE DAY she has been AWAKENED and said "F*ck it!  Life is too short to be miserable, I'm going after everything I ever wanted." 


As soon as you realize your worth and stop settling for mediocrity, only THEN your true success will follow.

You will also be able to finally find your internal happiness.

If Athena did it, SO CAN YOU!

Nobody is better than anyone else.

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