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Athena dubbed as the "The Sylvestenegger" is known for her hard work and mindset. She believes anything is possible with the right mindset and determination. Athena has made her home in Los Angeles, where she is a Producer, Writer and Actress. She is the host of the podcast “The Athena Vas Show.” Athena crafts screenplays and novels, shaping the life she's always envisioned. She's passionately committed to storytelling, aiming to ignite inspiration across the globe. Her mission is clear: encourage people to embrace their passions and not be bogged down by others' opinions. She advocates for pursuing dreams, leaving the job you hate, recognizing that life is too short, and tomorrow isn't promised. It's essential to seize every opportunity to live authentically and chase our desires, valuing ourselves in the process. 

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Born and raised in Queens, NY,  Athena began her career at the age of 3 performing theatrical show skates on the ice. She became a competitive figure skater throughout her adolescent years. Athena achieved wider recognition when she performed Off Broadway in New York City. She often performed at the Davenport Theater and ARS NOVA. She is primarily known as the show opener with her comedic roles. During 2020, Athena was the host of Shockfest Film Festival in Times Square and appeared on her first Billboard. During the same year, she appeared on the Tamron Hall Show as a special guest. Growing up, Athena would perform at her local community theater. Athena trained at the top Acting Schools including Ivana Chubbuck Studio, Margie Haber Studios and NY Acting School for Film/TV. Since then has been coached by Claire Chubbuck, Rod Rowland and James Ciccone. Athena is an experienced trained Improv Actor where she studied at the Groundlings Improv School in Los Angeles. After Athena graduated High School, she moved out of her parents Queens home to Long Island and attended Stony Brook University. She was a double major and received her degree in Mathematics and Theater. She then attended Saint Joseph’s College where she received her Masters. Athena continued her education earning her 60 credits towards a PhD in Mathematics.



You might recognize Athena from the Warner Bros show "The Bachelor," where she emerged as the winner in 2021. Sadly, the relationship didn't last long. Despite not finding her true love on the show, she managed to capture the hearts of her fans. Athena, with her Greek heritage and upbringing in Queens, New York, was  nicknamed "ATHENA NEW YORK" during the international version of the show filmed in Greece. Surprisingly, people from all over the world tuned in to watch the show, some even going the extra mile to purchase the Alpha TV channel just to catch Athena's episodes in the USA. Interesting fact: Studies showed that only 2% of the global audience watched the American Bachelor, while a substantial 20% followed the Greek Bachelor—largely because of Athena and her humor, often compared to Lucille Ball. Fans showered her with heartfelt messages, and below you'll find a selection of these touching notes.

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